What is a board-certified veterinary internist?

An internist is a board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist who has undergone additional training [one-year internship and three-year residency] in the diagnosis and treatment of various disease such as immune-mediated diseases, resistant infections, gastrointestinal problems [inflammatory bowel disease], disturbances with the endocrine system and many others conditions.

What an amazing staff. Dr Andrea Ericsson was so knowledgeable and caring. We drove an hour to come here and would definitely do it again if needed.

Meredith D.

There are not enough words to describe how caring and thoughtful the staff and Dr.Katie are at Skyline Veterinary Specialists & Emergency .I drove 4 hours round trip from Greensboro to have them examine my baby boy Peyton (PeyPey) They discovered he had a tumor in his heart that no one in Greensboro could identify. However the prognosis was not a good one , I am so thankful for their support and follow up just to check on Peyton , and me for emotional support . I will never forget my experience there.

Mark H.

Needed evening vet care for one of my pups, and was referred to Skyline. They were wonderful! Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. Loved Dr. Katie and felt like she partnered with me to ensure my girl was treated accurately. Dr. Katie called me the next day to check on my pup. Recommend this practice highly for emergency needs.

Sharon D.

We had to take our dog Togo due to a heart condition that came on suddenly. Dr. Eriksson was fantastic. Unfortunately he was not able to overcome his heart condition and crossed over the rainbow bridge. Due to everything going on right now we are out of town but before he passed Dr. Eriksson checked on him constantly. She was available any time I called and was so incredibly helpful. After he passed the whole vet team sent a card and it meant the world to us! Especially since his regular vet was not as supportive. I feel truly blessed to have had Dr. Eriksson and her team there for Togo when he (and we) needed them most. Thank you for everything. The compassion and support they provided was outstanding. I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth B.

We are really happy with the time Dr. Eriksson spent with us and our puppy. He is extremely thorough and we never felt rushed. The staff is incredible too. They are all extremely caring and helpful. We highly recommend bringing your pet here.

Cheryl S.

On Friday afternoon, May 22nd, Skyline Veterinary Specialists & Emergency were the only ones in the Charlotte area that agreed to see our 10-year old Aussie, Marshall. I drove through tornado warnings and downed trees to get there, and the staff quickly took us in. Unfortunately, Marshall had somehow developed a severe abdominal infection and really went down hill in the last 24 hours. We had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let Marshall go, but I will never, ever forget the compassion and care that Dr. Christian [Eriksson] showed to us and our little trooper. He was also able to provide a lot of insight into what was going on with Marshall, based on the exam and ultrasound, which he took a careful amount of time to review. My wife drove down to be with us, which was well-past Skyline’s closing. Dr. Christian stated that his time was our time, and he was going to watch over Marshall until my wife got there with our two little girls in tow. We were able to say our goodbyes and took some time to love on Marshall. My family felt the outpouring of support from the entire staff…, they are so good at what they do. I wish we had a happier outcome, but I am so glad that we found ourselves in the care of Skyline Veterinary Specialists & Emergency.

Greg B.

I can not say enough about Skyline and everyone there. We were referred here by our vet when they discovered our dog was having heart issues. It was at the end of the day, but Skyline took us right in and treated us amazingly. Unfortunately, it was the worst-case scenario for our dog, but the way Skyline handled this through the night and next day was a testament to their professionalism, compassion, and kindness. I can not recommend this establishment and its doctors highly enough.

Whit B.

Our experience with Skyline was great. We saw their cardiologist, Dr. Eriksson, and she was so helpful in explaining our dog’s condition and was so kind and gentle to our dog. I felt well informed of her condition and the medication plan. Really top notch care and an excellent experience. We look forward to continuing our dog’s care with Dr. Eriksson.

Katie S.

Amazing specialist. Highly recommended!
Heidi F.

Great doctor! Dr. Erikson
Sherie B.

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